Interactive LABS – Microsoft Azure 104-


This directory provides instructor demonstrations for the AZ-104 Azure Administrator course. It is not intended for you to do every demonstration. Pick the ones most applicable to your audience.

Things to think about

  • Most areas have a demonstration. Take the time to work through each one and decide which to use. Some of the demonstrations are simple show and tell walk-throughs of the Azure portal; others require scripting skills.
  • Consider having the students follow along as you do the demonstration or have one of the students’ “drive” and coach them through the steps.
  • Consider doing the demonstration first and then using the slides to answer questions and ensure everything is covered.
  • Consider the overlap with the formal labs and make the best use of your time.
  • These demonstrations are provided for an instructor with Azure administration experience. The steps are at a higher level than the course labs that students will perform.
  • These demonstrations provide a minimal set of features to show your students. As time permits feel free to add, show, and discuss more things.
  • The Summary and Resources page identifies where Learn sandboxes are available. Consider using a sandbox to walk students through the steps.


AllDemonstration Instructions
Administer IdentityDemonstration 01: Administer Identity
Administer Governance and ComplianceDemonstration 02: Administer Governance and Compliance
Administer Administer Azure ResourcesDemonstration 03: Administer Azure Resources
Administer Virtual NetworkingDemonstration 04: Administer Virtual Networking
Administer Intersite ConnectivityDemonstration 05: Administer Intersite Connectivity
Administer Network Traffic ManagementDemonstration 06: Administer Network Traffic Management
Administer Azure StorageDemonstration 07: Administer Azure Storage
Administer Azure Virtual MachinesDemonstration 08: Administer Azure Virtual Machines
Administer PaaS Compute OptionsDemonstration 09: Administer PaaS Compute Options
Administer Data ProtectionDemonstration 10: Administer Data Protection
Administer MonitoringDemonstration 11: Administer Monitoring


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