Top 5 : Virtualization and Cloud Certifications to have in 2024

1. VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization 2024 : 

Vmware VCP-DCV

Vmware is one of the famous Virtualization company in the World , the ESX’s Hypervisor  is the most popular virtualization software.
It’s been used by companies in their Datacenters environment for decades, also ESX has a significant market share in the on-prem environment over other options like Hyper-V.

If you’re job is to work as a virtualization admin, system engineer, IT consultant, etc., in a business that uses on-prem servers, you must understand how to use and manage ESXi.
not only that, but you will be also need to know all the ESXi Features, Licences, how to use it with vCenter and how to connect it with Storage and networking environnements.

The VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization (VCP-DCV 2024) certificate is explicitly designed to measure those skills and all vSphere solutions. 

CERTFIs IT offre for you, this Certification’s Cursus to discover, understand and Master this very huge Virtualization Environnement.

it also one best seller Certifications Corse , with a huge demand and with very notable ROI impact over the candidates

Need more convincing?

The VCP-DCV 2024 cert costs $250, and at the time of writing this article, more than 90% of the jobs posted on LinkedIn seeking candidates with this specific certification stated the starting salary was $100,000+.

Dont Worry :

Even with Vmware/Broadcom acquisition – Read this article if you’are not aware- Vmware will remain available and highly requested in the Datacenter World .

2. Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate: 

AZ800/801 : Microsoft windows Server Hybrid Administrator

the debate around Cloud and on-premise will remain eternal, each architecture has it own advantages but also  limitations.

Many businesses have decide to explore the both sides ( cloud and on-premise) opting for a hybrid model infrastructure :

utilize cloud resources while minimizing the footprint of their IT services. Many companies are choosing to partner with Microsoft to extend their current MS infrastructure to Azure, and the Windows
Server Hybrid Administrator Associate is the ideal corse/Certification to prepare you for administrator role at those businesses.

The Server Hybrid Admin Associate verifies that techs understand how to bridge the gap between ESX or Hyper-V and Azure cloud services. The AZ-801 exam tests for skills like deploying AD to the cloud, configuring on-prem applications to authenticate against Azure, configuring high availability and fail-over in hybrid environments, and more.

this certification covers also the Azure space where you find all the resources categorized on : IaaS , PaaS and SaaS.

in CERTFIs IT we are surely aware of this business Transformation, that why we are considering one of the first trainings Center in the World offering this kind of training for our students and clients.
in our Certification program we are including also for FREE the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals ( AZ900) to help the candidate to complete his learning and be confortable with the Azure space as well .

3. AWS Solution Architect Associate : 


AWS Solution Architect Associate

When we talk about cloud, we find that AWS is the largest cloud provider globally, offering a large portfolio services and covering big markets and the majority of costumers needs..
Most start-ups build their businesses on AWS, and Fortune 500 companies often split cloud resources between multiple vendors. that’s why, it’s a good idea to invest time and money on this matter and try to earn the AWS Solutions Architect certification.

The AWS Solutions Architect  journey starts with AWS Practitioner corse which help you to skill  your knowledge discovering in details the AWS Services but also how to deploy and manage them .
once Aws Practitioner validated we can easily continue your journey through AWS solutions Architect covering others modules such a : Security, Monitoring , Database and automatisation.

again , CERTFIs IT offre for you, this Certification’s Cursus with a very interactif price to help to you to get certified and open new Carrer opportunities.

4. Microsoft Azure Cloud Administrator : 

AZ104: Azure Administrator

5. Google Cloud : 

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